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Trust us, you've never seen grown men smile ear to ear for this long! Join us Saturday February 24th as we take over Pole Position Raceway in Grimes. We are looking to book the entire facility for 2 hours. This not only ensures more racing but it is also very cost effective for everyone racing. Purchase your ticket now so we can reserve the facility. Standard price per race is $28 per person. When we rent the facility out you can get in 2-5 races for just $12 more. Once we have 30 orders placed for members we reserve the facility. On the off chance we cannot get 30 people to pre-book by January we will refund everyone and do it per person. Keep in mind if we do it in person they will be floating other groups in between our runs. So do us all a favor and order your race ticket today!! 


We will be hitting up food separately after the event. Checkout the photos from last years go karting event in Cedar Rapids. 


PS We will be doing a Chocolate Milk Chugging contest (16oz) BYOM. 

Central Go Karting Reservation

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