Welcome to Iowa Mustangs Unstabled. Started by two high school buddies back in 2015 who wanted to spread their love for Mustangs and cruising. After seeing there were plenty of car show clubs we wanted something different... to get out and cruise. Nothing beats the open road looking in your rearview to 100+ Mustangs across the Iowa landscape. We're a group dedicated to growing and engaging the car community. We host Iowa's largest Mustang ONLY meetups. While we put on many events a year our most famous event is the Invasion event. It has grown from 20 cars to over 300 Mustangs. We currently have nearly 2,300 members and are growing everyday. We have been featured in Stang Magazine as one of the best Mustang groups in the Midwest.  

We host events ranging from Dyno days to Track days. We are dedicated to growing the car community with like minded enthusiasts. Here at IMU we are dedicated to hosting the best Mustang only cruises in the state. We have no problem with any member creating an event so long as it doesn't correspond with another group event. We charge no annual fee to be apart of the club and are hosting events into the winter like kart night and bowling.

Our Mission Statement:

Promote  the restoration, preservation of the Ford Mustang while bringing members and enthusiasts together. Sharing the enjoyment of their vehicle through events of which may contribute to charity events.

The best place to stay connected is our Facebook page.