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I am Nick and my buddy and I started Iowa Mustangs Unstabled back in 2015. I am known by most as the "People's Vert" for my notoriously sexy Vortech supercharged Mineral Gray GT.  I recently purchased a 2011 Coyote with a twin Fluid kit. I enjoy getting out and meeting new members as well as hanging out with the ones that have been around since the beginning. The club to me is a family and while we give each other shit at the end of the day we all love one another.

The People's Vert

East TEam

I'm Travis, I've been a part of IMU since it started. My 3v has gone through a lot of changes since the beginning, from beating supercharged 2v's with cams and bolt-ons to putting down 447hp on the dyno with a turbo. I enjoy the cruises and nothing beats rolling down the road with 60+ mustangs all together. The friends I've made through the group are great and a variety of people I probably wouldn't have associated with without the group.

Rod Knocker

I'm Jesse Aka 10P. I own a 08 roush 427r named yetti, a 02 gt named Homer, and my wife has a 84 gt convertible. I've owned 11 mustangs at this point and plan to own many more. My dad got me into cars from birth going drag racing every weekend at Cordova. He was a Mopar guy buy thats ok. My favorite part of the group is the people. I have made some great friends so far and look forward to making many more. The cruises are always a great time and we have some really badass cars in this group.




My baby is Ariel. She is a 1984 gt vert. My hubby and I own 4 mustangs, 1989 gt vert "Norbit", 2002 gt "Homer", and his baby 2008 Roush 427R "The Yetti". We have owned several stangs over the years and both grew up and the race track. We absolutely love IMU. We as a club are growing and I love direction we are heading. No mustang discrimination! If you need help with setting up a cruise, hosting an event, or simply a question, our awesome admin/mod team will be happy to help you.


El Jeffe

1967 Fastback, Coyote swapped. 6 year ground up restoration with 3 of my friends and my son's help. Proud to represent IMU and cruise with new and old friends.


Double D

SE Iowa Owner of a '99 & '16 GT's Since joining the group, I have had nothing but a blast! Between the amazing scenery on cruises, the great people you get to meet from all around the state and beyond, and the BIG events like Stang Invasion, there's something for everyone! Love the new family I've made here and am always looking forward to the future of the club!

West Team


This is Tessa, my 2015 V6. She’s my 3rd mustang (I also own a 2007 red v6). She’s got a Roush axel back exhaust and brings some serious growls to cruising. She’s also got some unique decals showing off the 50th anniversary status. I’ve been in the group since June 2020 and I’ve loved every minute. Nothing beats making friends that love something as much as I do!

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