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IMU Central Opener '24

April 27, 2024 at 7:00:00 PM
2555 W 1st St, Grimes, IA 50111, USA
Brandon, Jerry
Spring is coming fast! Let's meet, cruise, eat, and greet! Time to dust off the cobwebs and hear some ponys run! 1. Start at Dallas Center-Grimes Community High School 2. Turn Right onto 44 and head West to T Ave 3. Take T Ave North to 141 4. Turn Left onto 141 and head West to the Woodward Exit 5. Take the Woodward Exit North 6. Drive through Woodward 7. Stay on 210 as it curves to the East 8. Turn Left on E62 (334th St) and head NW 9. Turn Right on R26 (Magnolia Rd) and head North 10. Turn Right on E57 (270th St) 11. Turn Left onto Peach Ave 12. Turn Left at the T Intersection onto P Ave (260th St) 13. Drive through Ledges State Park 14. Turn Right on 164 (Oriole RD/230th ST) 15. Turn Left on S Story St and head North 16. Continue North at the Highway 30 4-way Stop 17. End at Saints Ave Café on the Right
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